Variable Classes

MJ provides corollary variable classes to MAPPER data types:

MJ Variable Class MAPPER Data Type MAPPER Examples
MJString Alphanumeric, Hollerith, String <city>a15, v22h8, <name>s40
MJInteger Integer V44i3, <qty>i6
MJDecimal Fixed-point <nbr>f18.17, v33f9.2
MJDate Alphanumeric, Hollerith, String <dob>s10
MJVariant Alphanumeric, Hollerith, String, Integer, Fixed-point <city>a15, V44i3, <nbr>f18.17

MJ variables encapsulate and adapt Java data types (e.g., java.lang.String, java.math.BigDecimal) to emulate MAPPER math, formatting and comparison.