MJ is MAPPER2Java 

Or how LDV
became new

// @LDV <dollars>f6.2=109.99 .
MJDecimal dollars = new MJDecimal(VariableScope.LOCAL, 6, 2, BigDecimal.valueOf(109.99));

 What is MJ?

 MJ is shorthand for MAPPER2Java, a set of tools and libraries that assist in the migration of Unisys MAPPER (or BIS, Business Information Server) applications to Java and JEE. MAPPER can trace its origins to the 1960's and is still used in many legacy applications.

 However, given MAPPER's age and unique pedigree, software written in MAPPER is becoming difficult and expensive to maintain. MJ opens an avenue for re-hosting those applications using broadly adopted, modern technologies and platforms such as cloud computing.

 MJ's roadmap is simple: refine and accelerate the movement of MAPPER applications into the 21st century. If your organization's roadmap might benefit from something you see here, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you.

MJ and the MAPPER ecosystem

MJ addresses a MAPPER ecosystem that encompasses data storage, retrieval and update, a programming language (RUNs), screen input and output (@SC), networking and messaging, integration with databases and operating systems, and Web enablement (ICE):