Reserved Words

MAPPER reserved words are supported in an MJ application via a combination of constants, interfaces for run-time contexts and return values.


Constants replace reserved words whose value is known at compile time, such as RSLANT and TIC, or are independent of application context (current date and time):

MJ Constants Class Supported Reserved Words
MJSpecialChars RSLANT$, SOE$, TAB$, TIC$
MJCurrentDate DATE0$, DATE1$, DATE2$, DATE3$, DATE4$, DATE5$, DATE6$, DATE7$, DATE8$, DATE9$, DATE11$, DATE12$, DATE14$, DATE15$, DATE16$, DATE18$, DATE19$, DATE20$

Interfaces for Run-time Contexts

Interfaces represent run-time contexts available to an MJ application and expose reserved words whose value is known only during program execution:

MJ Interface Description MJ Factory Class Supported Reserved Words
MJCallerCtx Reserved words related to originating RUN. IMJCallerCtxFactory ORUN$, OSITE$, OSYSNAM$, OUSER$, ODEPN$, OSTNUM$, ORSTAN$, BPORT$
MJCdrCtx Reserved words related to cabinets, drawers and reports and results. IMJCdrCtxFactory CAB$, CAB1$, ECAB$, FCAB$, LCAB$, PLNG$, ACDRW$, ADRW$, ADRW1$ - ADRW16$, AEDRW$, AXDRW$, CDRW$, CHAR$, DRW$, DRW1$ - DRW16$, EDRW$, ETYPE$, FDRW$, FFTYPE$, LNKDRW$, NETDRW$, SECDRW$, LIBDRW$, ERPT$, FRPT$, RPT$, CRPT$, LNKRPT$, SECRPT$
MJDisplayCtx Reserved words related to cursor position and special display characters. IMJDisplayCtxFactory CURH$, CURV$, SOEH$, SOEV$, DLINE$, HLINES$, LITEM$
MJGraphicsCtx Reserved words related to graphics and graphical user interface (GUI). IMJGraphicsCtxFactory GRAPH$, DWCAP$, APILVL$, COLOR$, ASPECT$, ACTINP$, ACTWIN$, WND$
MJLegacyDBCtx Reserved words related to legacy (MAPPER) data such as sites and databases. IMJLegacyDBCtxFactory DBASE$, DBTHRS$, DBUSG$
MJLegacyDTMCtx Reserved words related to legacy (MAPPER) Data Transfer Module. IMJLegacyDTMCtxFactory DTM$, DTNAM$, MSGQ$
MJLegacyEnvCtx Reserved words related to legacy (MAPPER) execution environment and resources. IMJLegacyEnvCtxFactory CALL$, DLP$, ENVSTR$, FRESTR$, GLBSTR$, IO$, IP$, LLP$, MAXEVR$, MAXGVR$, MAXLAB$, MXDEPN$
MJLegacyOutputCtx Reserved words related to things like printers. IMJLegacyOutputCtxFactory ESC$
MJLegacySecurityCtx Reserved words related to legacy (MAPPER OS2200) credentials and security. IMJLegacySecurityCtxFactory OSFILS$, OSPLEN$, OSUIDS$, OSUSER$, CPRIV$, OPRIV$, RPRIV$, SPRIV$
MJUserAgentCtx Reserved words related to client workstation. IMJUserAgentCtxFactory WS$, WSIPA$, WSITE$, STNUM$, SCNH$, SCNV$, TTYPE$, FCC$, LOOK$, TCCS$
MJUserCtx Reserved words related to identity of user. IMJUserCtxFactory USER$, DEPN$, DEPT$, SECGRP$

Return Values

Reserved words like STAT act essentially as global variables set by various MAPPER commands. In MJ, such reserved words are made available as return values by equivalent MJ components.