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Package com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.rsvd contains the following classes and interfaces.
Classes and Interfaces
IReservedWord Defines a Mapper reserved word encountered during parsing of a Mapper RUN.

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Defines a Mapper reserved word encountered during parsing of a Mapper RUN.
public interface com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.rsvd.IReservedWord
Inner Class CabinetDrawerReportContext
Type of cabinet, drawer or report number runtime context the reserved word represents.
public static final class com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.rsvd.IReservedWord.CabinetDrawerReportContext
  extends java.lang.Enum
public static final com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.rsvd.IReservedWord.CabinetDrawerReportContext CABINET
public static final com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.rsvd.IReservedWord.CabinetDrawerReportContext DRAWER
public static final com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.rsvd.IReservedWord.CabinetDrawerReportContext REPORT
public static com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.rsvd.IReservedWord.CabinetDrawerReportContext valueOf(java.lang.String name)
public static com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.rsvd.IReservedWord.CabinetDrawerReportContext values()
Get the type of cabinet, drawer or report number (CDR) runtime context this reserved word represents.
type of CDR runtime context the reserved word represents, or NULL if reserved word does not represent a cabinet, drawer or report.
public com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.rsvd.IReservedWord.CabinetDrawerReportContext cdr()
Get the canonical data type of the reserved word.
the data type of the reserved word.
public com.arsi.mj.datatype.MaprptDataType dataType()
Can this reserved word be completely evaluated at compile time?
true if reserved word can be evaluated at compile time, false if reserved word has run time dependencies.
public boolean isCompileTime()
Get the canonical, fixed length of the reserved word, where applicable.
the fixed character length of the reserved word, or -1 if variable.
public int length()
Get data type that represents actual or implied format or usage of the reserved word.
data type representing actual or implied format and/or usage of reserved word.
public com.arsi.mj.datatype.MaprptUsageDataType usageDataType()

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public class com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.rsvd.ReservedWordFactory
  extends java.lang.Object
public ReservedWordFactory()
public static com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.rsvd.IReservedWord createReservedWord(java.lang.String aName)
    throws com.arsi.mj.MJTranslateException
public static java.util.Collection getAllReservedWords()
public static boolean isReservedWord(java.lang.String aName)
public static java.lang.String lookupName(com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.rsvd.IReservedWord aReservedWord)