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Package com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.cmd.rnm contains the following classes and interfaces.
Classes and Interfaces
RnmCommandParser Parses a RNM RUN command.
RnmParseNode Parse node that represents a RNM RUN command.

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Parses a RNM RUN command.
Treat this class as "thread-hostile"; instances should be created, used and discarded by single thread at a time.

public class com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.cmd.rnm.RnmCommandParser
  extends com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.cmd.RunCommandParserBase
  implements com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.cmd.IRunCommandParser
public RnmCommandParser()
public com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.cmd.CommandParseResult parseCommand(com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.tokens.IMaprptToken anInitialToken, com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.MaprptLexer aLexer, org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext anAppCtx)
    throws com.arsi.mj.MJTranslateException

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Parse node that represents a RNM RUN command.
Treat this class as "thread-hostile" since it holds substantial state without method synchronization; instances should only be used by single thread at a time.

public class com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.cmd.rnm.RnmParseNode
  extends com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.CommandParseNode
  implements com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.symtab.ISupportsVariableReference
Initializes an instance of this class.
aHostLine - Mapper report line that hosts this command.
aTarget - report or result that is target of rename as a cabinet-drawer-report specification.
anAlias - new alias (i.e., result number) for target report as literal or expression.
public RnmParseNode(com.arsi.mj.maprpt.parser.line.types.AtLine aHostLine, com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.symbol.Cdr aTarget, com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.symbol.Cdr.ResultIdentifier anAlias)
Get new alias for target report as literal or expression (variable dereference, reserved words and/or text, or combination thereof, that resolve to result number).
literal or expression that yields result number to be used as alias for target.
public final com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.symbol.Cdr.ResultIdentifier getAlias()
Get report or result that is target of RNM command.
target report or result as cabinet-drawer-report specification.
public final com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.symbol.Cdr getTargetReportOrResult()
public java.util.List referencedVariables()