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Package com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.cmd.gto contains the following classes and interfaces.
Classes and Interfaces
GtoCommandParser Parses a GTO RUN command.
GtoParseNode Parse node that represents a GTO RUN command.

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Parses a GTO RUN command.
Treat this class as "thread-hostile"; instances should be created, used and discarded by single thread at a time.

public class com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.cmd.gto.GtoCommandParser
  extends com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.cmd.RunCommandParserBase
  implements com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.cmd.IRunCommandParser
public GtoCommandParser()
public com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.cmd.CommandParseResult parseCommand(com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.tokens.IMaprptToken anInitialToken, com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.MaprptLexer aLexer, org.springframework.context.ApplicationContext anAppCtx)
    throws com.arsi.mj.MJTranslateException

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Parse node that represents a GTO RUN command.
Treat this class as "thread-hostile" since it holds substantial state without method synchronization; instances should only be used by single thread at a time.

public class com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.cmd.gto.GtoParseNode
  extends com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.CommandParseNode
  implements com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.cmd.ctrlflow.IJumptoCmdInfo, com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.symtab.vardecl.ISupportsScalarDeclaration, com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.symtab.ISupportsVariableReference
Initializes an instance of this class.
aHostLine - Mapper report line that hosts this command.
aLiteralCallback - literal label or line number offset, stored by callback (NULL if aRuntimeExpr is not NULL).
aRuntimeExpr - concatenation expression that can only be evaluated at runtime (NULL if aLiteralCallback is not NULL).
someRetvals - return values as concatenation expressions parsed after END keyword.
public GtoParseNode(com.arsi.mj.maprpt.parser.line.types.AtLine aHostLine, com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.cmd.litcbk.JumpExprCallback aLiteralCallback, com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.expr.ConcatExpr aRuntimeExpr, java.util.List someRetvals)
public boolean allowFallthru()
public java.util.List declareScalarVariables()
Get return values associated with END keywords as concatenation expressions (literals or variables). In Mapper, the return values can be made available to a calling @LNK script via STAT1$, STAT2$ and STAT3$.
END return values as concatenation expressions, or empty list if not jumping to END or no return values provided. Although Mapper supports three status reserved words (e.g.,, STAT3$), more than three return value expressions may be parsed and returned.
public final java.util.List getEndReturnValues()
Get literal label or line number offset, stored by, and as, jump expression callback.
literal label or line number offset as jump expression callback, NULL if getJumpRuntimeExpr is not NULL.
public final com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.cmd.litcbk.JumpExprCallback getJumpLiteral()
Get runtime expression that yields label or line offset to jump to.
expression that yields label or line offset, NULL if getJumpLiteral is not NULL.
public final com.arsi.mj.maprpt.lexer.ptree.expr.ConcatExpr getJumpRuntimeExpr()
Get ID that uniquely identifies either LiteralJumpInfo or ConcatExprJumpInfo object returned by this command node via IJumptoCmdInfo interface.
ID passed to jumptoLiterals or jumptoExpressions method of IJumptoCmdInfo interface, or -1 if neither of these methods was called on this command parse tree node.
public final int getJumptoCmdInfoId()
public java.util.List jumptoExpressions(int anId)
public java.util.List jumptoLiterals(int anId)
public java.util.List referencedVariables()