MJ ETL Strategies

The paramount aspect of MJ's Extract, Transform and Load process is determining how to best map MAPPER data reports to entities.

For example, several MAPPER reports may comprise the data set for a single entity, where each MAPPER report (or range of MAPPER reports) represents a grouping, category or "partition" of data. Grouping or categorization of data by location may imply an attribute common to data stored at the location. In an inventory system, storage might be arranged so all items in reports 20 to 30 of drawer B are back ordered.

Mapping the data fields in a MAPPER report to entity attributes is also important. Attributes are stored as columns in the table where entity data is persisted; needless to say, column definition and structure is a key part of a migrated application's data model.

Useful things to consider about MAPPER report data before migrating include: