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Package com.arsi.mj.maprpt.parser.pragma.factory contains the following classes and interfaces.
Classes and Interfaces
PragmaParseFactory Simple factory class for parsing pragmas from Mapper report lines.

Class: PragmaParseFactory

Simple factory class for parsing pragmas from Mapper report lines.
Treat this class as "thread-hostile", since it is intended that instances of the class be created, used and discarded by a single thread.
public class com.arsi.mj.maprpt.parser.pragma.factory.PragmaParseFactory
  extends java.lang.Object
public PragmaParseFactory()
Create a prototype instance of pragma class identified by the specified pragma name that is only useful for searching collections of pragmas.
aPragmaName - canonical pragma name (e.g., "use-inline-data-handler").
MJTranslateException - if an error occurs during instantiation of pragma class.
newly created pragma prototype instance, or NULL if pragma name does not correlate to a pragma class.
public static com.arsi.mj.maprpt.parser.pragma.Pragma newPragmaPrototype(java.lang.String aPragmaName)
    throws com.arsi.mj.MJTranslateException
Parse zero, one or more pragma from a Mapper report line (i.e., at-sign or period line).
aMaprptLine - a Mapper report line; note that only at-sign and period line are examined for pragmas, so pragma should not be included in another type of line. If the line is an at-sign line, the pragma must start after the '.' that terminates the run line.
MJTranslateException - if an error occurs while parsing a pragma.
list of pragmas parsed from Mapper report line, returns an empty list if no pragmas found.
public static java.util.List parseFromReportLine(com.arsi.mj.maprpt.parser.line.types.MaprptLine aMaprptLine)
    throws com.arsi.mj.MJTranslateException